Damen (F2) – HC Dietikon-Urdorf 12:11 (7:6)

Datum: 08.10.2017, 16:00 Uhr
Ort: Bülach Hirslen
Es spielten: Bolliger, Bühler, Dalpiaz, Dhensaw, Ebnöther, Hürlimann, Jäggli, Marton, Nedovic Marjana, Ott, Salihu, Siegrist, Sisic, Zacheo,
Aufrufe: 1085 Mal

HC Bülach : HC Dietikon - Urdorf 12:11

With an almost full roster, a nervous but eager HC Bülach (Dead last in the standings) took the court
against the current league leaders HCDU. Starting the game off with ball possession Steffi M put us on
the board at the 20 second mark. The next few minutes were punctuated with a plethora of turnovers
neither team retaining the ball for very long, nor scoring any goals. This theme of giving up, losing or
having the ball stolen would continue for the remainder of the game leading to a very excited, if low
scoring match by the two league leaders in defence. The audience, which was delightfully large, was
kept fired up over the next four minutes by a great try from Steffi M that was stopped by the HCDU
goalie, Carmen shutting down an aggressive DU attack with a brilliant defensive play, and a genius
save by Ramoni at 3 and a half minutes. The next goal occurred at the 5 minute mark made from a
7metre throw that HCDU was awarded due to an overzealous Bülach defence. Once we had the ball
back HCDU started experimenting with taking Arbi out, but that strategy didn't stop Martini from make
it 2-1 at the 6 minute mark. At 6:30 HCDU's pivot balanced out the scoreboard. Just before the game
turned 8 minutes old Sabine executed a expert turnaround allowing Arbi to make a magical pass to
Carmen who, from the right wing put us back in the lead at 3-2. Shortly thereafter HCDU received an
injury and a 7 Metre throw bringing them back in line with the home team at 3-3. Nine and a half
minutes into the game Arbi tried for a goal but instead had a yellow card hand delivered to HCDU. At
the 12 minute mark Sabine got herself a mandatory 2 minute break for a “rough take-down”. Half a
minute later Carmen stole the ball during a failed wing to wing pass and handed it off to Arbi for a
shorthanded goal making it 4-3 Bülach. HCDU also received a yellow card on the play. In the 13th
minute HCDU made a tying goal. 4-4. Half a minute later Steffi M made the second shorthanded goal
of the penalty making it 5-4 Bülach. Just a minute later HCDU evens it up, but with a diving shot at
15:30 put us back in the lead at 6-5. At 17:30 HCDU evens it up. Again. A few turnovers later, at the 22
minute mark HCDU got themselves a 2 minute penalty. During this man advantage only Saskia had a
reasonable chance and scoring, but was shut down by great goal-tending on the HCDU goal-line. At
27:30 with a textbook play and a few amazing passes Bülach broke HCDU's defence wide open
allowing Steffi M to bounce the ball off the DU goalie, straight into Carmens hands, who took the
rebound and made it 7-6 Bülach. The half ended with each goalie making jaw dropping saves to hold
the score at 7-6.
HCDU started the second half off with ball possession, but generously gave it back to Bülach.
HCB still groggy from the break, made a lacklustre attack which petered out, but after yet another
turnaround Steffi M scored our 8th goal at 32:30. Thirty seconds later, Ramoni made a great save, but
while trying to recover from it, HCDU threw the rebound in making it 8-7. Back under pressure
Carmen made a turnaround at 34 minutes and a half minute later, back in possession she made a sneaky
pass to Sabine at the right wing position and Sabine scored our 9th goal. Notably Ramoni made a B-EU-
tiful save at 35 minutes that really pumped up the home team and the fans. After a few more minutes
on defence Martini took a nice pass from the HCDU players and quickly fired it across the court to
Romina who was then tackled. While being dragged to the ground Romina lobbed the ball to Carmen,
who from the right wing gave us our biggest lead of the day at 10-7. There was a short pause at 39:45
while Sabine and her HCDU counterpart were given a scolding by the ref. The rest of the game was a
masterpiece of defensive work by both sides. HCDU did score a couple of goals at 45:30 and 47
minutes respectively. At 49 minutes Arbi was awarded a 7 metre throw but was shut down by great
HCDU goal-tending. A minute later Saskia from the left wing gave us back a 2 goal lead making it 11-9
and drawing a 2 minute penalty for HCDU. For most of the penalty HCDU played a slow, meticulous,
open offence. Though the open offence did not bear the fruit of a goal, it did draw a 7 metre throw that
did bring them back within one goal at 11-10. After taking that goal, with the (wo)man advantage Arbi
scored our 12th goal. The rest of the game Bülach played a perfect example of defensive handball. At 54
minutes HCDU took a time out to regroup and 4 minutes later at the 58 minute mark they scored from
the right wing making it 12-11. Around 58:30 after a questionable 7 metre throw was not called in
favour of Bülach the HCB bench received a yellow card for voicing their opinion a little too loud. With
one minute left in the game Bülach called a timeout to regroup and reiterate our desire to keep ball
possession for the final minute. In the waning seconds both sides tried for a goal, but with experts
between the posts the score stayed fixed at 12-11 Bülach, making the HCB the league's best defenders
of the day.


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